Smart sensing & locating systems

Providing advanced Multisensory and Real-Time Location System hardware and software products for positioning, tracking, climatic and environmental based smart building solutions.


Our Mission

Providing situational and location-based awareness for smart buildings. Creating superior value for all stakeholders through our emphasis on customer-orientation, ingenuity, high quality and trusted solutions.

Introducing Sentrax

Sentrax provides advanced and innovative Location-based and RTLS (Real-Time Location System) technological solutions.Sentrax’s systems and solutions are designed to be intuitive, cost-effective, secure and of high quality and reliability.Sentrax’s unique and state-of-the-art technological solutions help to provide companies and their customers with full and real-time situation awareness of their environment, their customers, their staff and their valuable assets and thereby improving their operational efficiency and improving their market positioning.


Locators & Gateways

Zenix is a family of locator and gateway system that is built on advanced and innovative IoT hardware and software platforms providing sensing and communication for Smart Building, Healthcare and Industry.

Beacon Tags

The Pinix line is an advanced Bluetooth Low Energy 5.x beacon device series using multi standard beacon Technology with Angle of Arrival support and integrated sensors.

Environmental Sensors

The SENSIX line of IOT multisensory devices that are low power battery operated climatic and environmental sensors with Bluetooth and LPWAN connectivity.

Software Suite

Sentrax’s feature-rich device management and connectivity platform for its RTLS and environmental sensor system. Our software suite also includes server based live positioning and sensor data streaming and special SDK for mobile devices.

Application Areas

Use-cases of products and solutions

Smart City / Smart Buildings

  • Inventory & asset tracking
  • Automated inventory check in/out
  • Visitor tracking & management system
  • Auto-location staff check in/out system with mobile phone
  • Location based notification, marketing & alerts
  • Emergency Responder Guidance
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Healthcare / Hospitals

  • Patient fall prevention and detection
  • Infant-mother wireless leash system
  • Auto-locate patient to his SOS call
  • Live equipment tracking
  • Equipment theft prevention system
  • Smart hygiene monitoring

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Manufacturing / Warehouse

  • Staff safety & tracking system
  • Location based workflow integration
  • Mixed Indoor & Outdoor Tracking
  • 3D inventory tracking (incl. rack level)
  • Equipment lifecycle & maintenance
  • Evacuation Guidance

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Benefits of Sentrax IOT System

Empower your company with Sentrax’s advanced state-of-the-art IOT Sensor and RTLS system and reap the many benefits and the competitive advantage that it can bring to your Smart Building:

Strategic Benefits

  • Real time visibility and auto-update of events across the Building
  • Unprecedented high level of information accuracy

Process Benefits

  • More efficient automated processes
  • Increased accuracy & control of operations
  • Increased traceability of assets life cycle
  • More automation

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in Inventory & Capital Assets
  • Increased staff productivity and better cost management

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