Location Based System - Locate Users & Configure

IPS provides Real-time Indoor Positioning by using BLE


Sentrax’s Posix SDK offers developers a range of functionalities to integrate location-based systems seamlessly into their Android applications. This SDK ensures precise user positioning and real-time floor detection through advanced algorithms.

Additionally, it includes efficient beacon management methods, allowing developers to adjust configurations on the fly. Moreover, the SDK is compatible with Solix Suite and supports integration with developers’ custom backends. When it comes to calibrating parameters like RSSI, developers have the flexibility to utilize RSSI data generated by the SDK, presenting it graphically for each beacon.


  • Real-Time User Positioning: Instantly provide the user’s position with high accuracy in real-time, ensuring a dynamic and responsive user experience.
  • Real-Time Floor Detection: Swiftly detect and identify the user’s current floor in real-time,  enhancing location-based services and applications.
  • Configurable Beacon Management: Easily configure and manage beacons in real time, allowing for seamless adjustments to optimize the performance of the location-based system.
  • Solix Integration: Streamline the login process by integrating with Solix, providing users with a
    secure authentication method.
  • Solix Floor Map Integration: Enhance the user experience by integrating Solix floor maps, offering a visual representation of the environment for improved navigation and spatial awareness.
  • Beacon Calibration: Fine-tune beacon parameters and environmental factors to ensure precise and reliable location data, contributing to the accuracy of the entire system.
  • Accurate Distance Estimation: Utilize advanced algorithms to estimate distances accurately,  enabling businesses to deliver location-aware features and services with precision.


  • Submeter Accurate Positioning: Achieve exceptional precision with submeter accuracy in user positioning, ensuring reliable and detailed location information for enhanced applications.
  • Handy Configuration Methods: Experience convenience and efficiency through developer-friendly and easily accessible configuration methods, simplifying the setup and management of the location-based system.
  • Hassle-Free Solix Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Solix for a smooth and trouble-free user experience, streamlining the authentication process and enhancing system compatibility.
  • Calibration Utilities for Improved Accuracy: Leverage calibration utilities to enhance overall system accuracy by fine-tuning beacon parameters and environmental factors, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

These benefits collectively contribute to a robust and user-centric location-based system, providing businesses with the tools they need to offer advanced, accurate, and hassle-free location-aware features in their applications.

How It Works

Login with Solix Account

Users have the option to log in using a Solix account, granting access to retrieve details about buildings and floor information

Locate Positioning on Live MAP

The current location is visually presented in real-time on the floor map.

Beacons View

Beacons are displayed in the configuration tab view, allowing easy configuration through a simple click.

Beacons View

Users have the ability to modify beacon configurations through the configuration screen.

Visualized Data

Access RSSI data for each beacon, enabling users to plot graphs for calibration purposes. An example is demonstrated in the sample app below: