What is Hybrid RTLS Tracking?


The Fusion of Proximity and Sub-Meter Accuracy

Sentrax offers a smarter, more dynamic approach to real-time location system. Combine the RSSI-based proximity sensing with Angle of Arrival precision, offering submeter accuracy. What sets us apart is the unparalleled flexibility it provides to our partners – choose high-precision tracking in one area while efficiently monitoring presence in another. This cost-effective hybrid system redefines precision positioning, revolutionizing the way for location intelligence of assets and personnel.

Sentrax BLE AOA (Angle of Arrival) RTLS Systems

Sentrax’s Angle of Arrival (AoA) solution delivers precise targeted localization and indoor positioning. Specializing in location-tracking solutions, Sentrax utilizes AoA technology, ensuring real-time tracking with sub-meter accuracy within a range of 0.1-1 meter. The integration of proprietary algorithms enhances the reliability and accuracy of the location-tracking solutions offered by Sentrax.

Sentrax Standard BLE (RSSI) RTLS Systems

Introducing Sentrax’s advanced BLE RTLS solution, ideal for businesses seeking operational enhancement and efficiency. This cutting-edge technology enables real-time tracking in various environments, perfect for applications like retail, hotels, and tourist attractions, where 5-meter accuracy is key. Scalable and adaptive, it evolves seamlessly with changing business needs.



Smart Badge BLE Tag with Multi-Sensors

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AoA Beacons/Tags


Asset AoA BLE Beacon/Tags with MEMS

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Smart Badge BLE Tag with MEMS

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AoA Locators & Scanner


Indoor AoA BLE Locator & gateway with Air Quality & Climatic Sensory

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BLE Locators & Scanner


Indoor BLE Locator & Gateway

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BLE AoA Evaluation Kit

Get a hands-on experience with the Sentrax AOA evaluation kits, exclusively designed for testing, demonstrations, project pilots, and evaluations.

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Sentrax Devices Management & Connectivity Platform

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RTLS & Environmental Sensing

Improve your operations with Sentrax’s RTLS and environment sensing system. Sentrax’s technology delivers real-time insights, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances safety. Track inventory movements, and monitor your environment with ease.

Real-Time Data at your Finger Tips

Sentrax GmbH Perspective on the Benefits of Hybrid RTLS for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

A hybrid Real-time Location System (RTLS) serves as a versatile and comprehensive solution for tracking assets, personnel, and equipment across diverse industries. Explore the myriad applications of hybrid RTLS from the Sentrax GmbH perspective:

  • Mobile Equipment Tracking
  • Staff & contractor Tracking
  • Location-based notification alerts
  • Remote environment monitoring
Smart Buildings
  • Automated check-in/out
  • Real-time occupancy data
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Location-based notification alerts
  • Remote environment monitoring
  • Real-time inventory location tracking
  • Fork lift tracking & maintenance management
  • Digital Labeling
  • Storage condition monitoring
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Staff / patient tracking
  • SOS call for help in case of an emergency
  • Informend VOC Levels
  • Environment sensing
  • Pallets & goods container tracking
  • Shrinkage Management
  • Increase safty for staff & loneworker
  • Monitor the environment of the facility