Established in 1991, New Voice has implemented more than 6000 systems in all markets worldwide, in close cooperation with important telecommunications enterprises, leading manufacturers, systems integrators and security software providers. New Voice is a worldwide operating «system integrator» and «solution provider» in the areas of emergency, security and business process communication, IT and automation. Our aim is to make communication a cost saving factor while increasing service level and security. 

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    Systems Integration, Unified Communication, MobiCall, VoIP, Alarming, Evacuation, Mobilisation, Alerting, Information Distribution, Monitoring, IOT Platform, Physical Security Information Management PSIM, Alarm Server, IOT Solutions, Secure Alarm Processing, MobiCCloud, Cloud Solution, Hybrid solution, Lone worker, and Security

    • New Voice Schweiz AG , Zürich, Switzerland
    • New Voice (Suisse) SA, Nyon, Switzerland
    • New Voice Systems GmbH, Ludwigsburg, Germany
    • New Voice (Austria) GmbH, Leonding, Austria
    • New Voice (France) GmbH, Paris, France
      New Voice Americas LTD, New York, USA
    • New Voice Australia, Brisbane, Australia
    • New Voice Systems DMCC, Dubai, UAE