BLE RTLS Solution


Sentrax BLE RTLS solution is a state-of-the-art technology designed for businesses looking to enhance their operations and improve overall efficiency. Utilizing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, this solution provides real-time location tracking of objects, people, or assets in a specific environment.


Whether your business is looking to track the movement of people in a public space, or optimize energy usage in a building, Sentrax BLE RTLS Solution is the perfect fit. This scale-able solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes and can grow with you as your needs change.


  • Real-time tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
  • Advanced environmental data collection for optimization of processes.
  • Enhances operations, improves efficiency, and increases safety and security.
  • Power-efficient, making it ideal for various RTLS applications.
  • Precise location tracking of objects, people, or assets in real-time.
  • Ideal for applications where 5-meter accuracy is sufficient, such as retail, hotels, and tourist attractions.

Asset Tracking Using BLE RTLS

Sentrax’s Indoor Positioning System

Sentrax’s indoor positioning system includes very long battery life and easy to maintain anchor beacon tags and a versatile easy to integrate positioning SDK for iOS and Android mobile devices for customer’s apps. It can be operated offline without the use of internet connectivity. You can overlay POSIX SDK on a simple image building floor layout image or use it with an advanced 3D interactive indoor mapping system.



Wearable badge BLE tag (credit card format).

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BLE Locators & Scanners


Indoor BLE Locator & Gateway with POE & WiFi.

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SOLIX Devices Management System Cloud and On-site server-based devices management, configuration and system-integration platform.

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  • Mobile Equipment Tracking
  • Staff & contractor Tracking
  • Location-based notification alerts
  • Remote environment monitoring
Smart Buildings
  • Automated check-in/out
  • Real-time occupancy data
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Location-based notification alerts
  • Remote environment monitoring
  • Real-time inventory location tracking
  • Fork lift tracking & maintenance management
  • Digital Labeling
  • Storage condition monitoring
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Staff / patient tracking
  • SOS call for help in case of an emergency
  • Informend VOC Levels
  • Environment sensing
  • Pallets & goods container tracking
  • Shrinkage Management
  • Increase safty for staff & loneworker
  • Monitor the environment of the facility
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